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Cotton Shirting

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100% Cotton

blue striped cotton broadcloth shirting
Pale aqua Chambray
Blue Pima twill
Pale green Chambray
Broadcloth, striped
Medium gray
cotton oxford shirting yellow
cotton oxford shirting salmon
Brook's oxford in blue & white
Brooks oxford in pale violet
Brooks oxford in pale beige
Brooks oxford
in yellow
Brooks oxford
in salmon
cotton shirting mini-tartan plaid red black white
Mini-tartan of red, black & white
Gray, blue & white stripes
White, pink, navy stripes
Red, black & beige mini-tartan
Green & salmon mini-tartan plaid
Cotton shirtings: blue & white stripes
Cotton shirtings: rainbow stripes
Navy & White Houndstooth
Denim blue & white stripes
Blue & White Stripes
Rainbow Stripes
Seafoam Dobby pattern
Blue Cotton
Emerald Green Cotton
Teal Poplin
Lilac Dobby pattern
Blue Fiesta cotton
Emerald green Fiesta cotton
Teal poplin
Brazil Pima cotton blue pink white floral
Pink Oxford
Tan Oxford
Brazil Pima Cotton Purple Pink Yellow Dots
Pink Cotton
Estampada "Tina"
"Brooks" pink Oxford
"Brooks" tan Oxford
Estampada "Tiny Bubbles"
Pink Fiesta cotton
blue brushed cotton poplin shirting
Brazil Pima Cotton Red Floral
Brazil pima cotton floral blue green white
brazil pima cotton blue orange green lavender white floral
Brazil Pima Cotton Purple Orange Flora

Periwinkle brushed poplin

Estampada "Perola #1"
Estampada "Perola #2"
Estampada "Luana"
Estampada "Celana"
brazil pima cotton novelty print lavender sage green blue white
brazil pima cotton novelty patchwork print blue orange white lavender on green
pale yellow pima cotton
baby blue cotton pima
Estampada "Gabriela"
Estampada "Bruna"
Estampada "Nicole"

"Shantung linen" Pima in pale yellow

"Shantung linen" Pima in baby blue
italian cotton shirting horizontal stripe turquoise
italian cotton shirting pink white tan stripe
blue yellow stripe cotton shirting
pale pink pima cotton
pale lilac pima cotton
Turquoise on white
Pink, white & tan stripes
Blue & yellow stripes on white
"Shantung linen" Pima in pale pink
"Shantung linen" Pima in pale lilac
green brown striped cotton poplin shirting
italian cotton shirting stripes tan beige white
cotton shirting blue brown tan ecru stripe
cotton shirting blue windowpane
pima cotton shirting orange plaid
Green & brown striped
Italian multistriped
Blue, brown, tan & ecru stripes
Blue windowpane shirting
Pima cotton, orange plaid
cotton shirting solid aqua blue
pima cotton blue white plaid
red blue white pinstripes on ecru
italian cotton shirting blue white on gold
cotton shirting blue stripes on blue
Cotton shirtings: aqua blue
Pima cotton, blue & white plaid
Red, blue & white pinstripes on ecru
Blue & gold on white
Blue stripes on blue
orange cotton chambray shirting
cotton shirting brown taupe blue white stripes
lattice weave cotton shirting
cotton shirting blue stripes on white
cotton twill shirting plum purple
Orange chambray
Brown, taupe, blue & white stripes
Fancy lattice weave
Blue stripes on white
Fine twill in plum purple
cotton twill shirting taupe

Fine twill in taupe


pima cotton broadcloth shirting white fiesta cotton broadcloth crease resistant white
White Pima twill
100% Pima cotton, vertical stripes
100% Pima cotton, diagonal stripes
100% Pima cotton broadcloth
100% Fiesta cotton broadcloth, crease resistant
italian cotton shirting cotton lycra white
white pima cotton poplin
pima cotton oxford shirting white
white cotton/lycra broadcloth
Premium Italian shirting, cotton/Lycra:white
100% Pima cotton poplin
"Brooks" 100% Pima cotton oxford
White cotton/Lycra broadcloth
pima cotton jacquard white with diamonds
super 140's long staple cotton shirting gray pinstripe on white
pima cotton poplin shirting ivory
pima cotton lawn shirting ecru
slubbed cotton shirting cream
100% Pima cotton with white Jacquard diamonds
100% Super 140's long staple cotton, gray pinstripe on white
100% Pima cotton poplin, ivory
100% Pima cotton lawn, ecru
100% Slubbed cotton, cream
pima cotton white-on-white jacquard stripes & diamonds
pima cotton shirting white-on-white pinstripes
pima cotton white-on-white pinstripes and diamonds
Pima cotton with white-on-white Jacquard stripes & diamonds
Pima cotton with white-on-white pinstripes
Pima broadcloth
Brooks oxford in white
100% Pima cotton white-on-white pinstripes & diamonds


Cotton shirtings: tiny blue leaves on white
Cotton shirtings: tiny white motifs on blue
Cotton shirtings: sangria, peach, pink & white floral
cotton/lycra shirting tan white stretch chambray
Tiny blue leaves on white
White motifs on stone blue
Sangria, peach, pink & white floral
Tan chambray
cotton/lycra poplin pale yellow
cotton/lycra poplin pale mint
stretch shirting lemon
Pima/Lycra Sateen, gray
Pima/Lycra Sateen, Ecru
Cotton/Lycra poplin, pale yellow
Cotton/Lycra poplin, pale mint
Stretch shirting, lemon


cotton/lycra sateen shirting tan

cotton/lycra sateen mint green
cotton/lycra sateen shirting in light orchid

Cotton/Lycra sateen in tan
Cotton/Lycra sateen in mint green
Cotton/Lycra sateen in light orchid

Cotton blends

cotton shirting charcoal & black stripes
silk cotton shirting nautical stripes
cotton/poly shirting green oxford
cotton/poly shirting yellow oxford
cotton shirting blue black miniplaid
Charcoal & black stripes
Silk blend nautical stripes
#376030 Cotton/polyester
Oxford, green
#376031 Cotton/polyester
Oxford, yellow
Light blue & black miniplaid
purple black miniplaid cotton shirting

Purple & black miniplaid