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Cotton Lightweight Blends

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Cotton/lycra blends

Stretch Solid Black Cotton Lycra Fabric
Stretch solid black


Stretch Twill

Cotton Lycra Bubblegum Pink
Cotton/Lycra bubblegum pink

Stretch Sateen & Poplin

Stretch Cotton Sateen Bright Pink
Stretch Cotton Lycra  Navy Sateen Fabric
Celery Cotton Lycra Stretch Sateen
Blue Stretch Cotton Lycra Poplin
Cotton Lycra Stretch Poplin Jade Fabric
Bright pink sateen
Stretch navy sateen
Celery sateen
Stretch poplin blue
Jade stretch poplin
Black Cotton Lycra Stretch Fabric
Animal Print Cotton Lycra Sateen Cream Orange Brown Gray
Stretch black sateen
Daubs animal print

Cotton/poly blends

Embroidered Lawn Cream Cotton Polyester Fabric
Cotton Polyester Twill Fabric Slate Gray
Ivory Cotton Polyester Leopard Print Burnout Fabric
Cotton Polyester Gray leopard burnout fabric
Cotton Poly Plaid Black & Gray
Embroidered lawn in cream
Slate gray twill
Ivory leopard burnout
Gray leopard burnout
White, black& gray plaid

Cotton/linen blends

Cotton Linen Variegated Tan
Cotton Linen Sateen Navy
Khaki Cotton Linen Sateen
Variegated tan
Cotton/linen sateen in navy
Cotton/linen sateen in khaki

Cotton/silk blends

Cotton Silk Lurex stripe gold ecru
Cotton silk lurex stripe navy
cotton silk blend banana cream
Silk, lurex stripes on ecru
Silk, lurex stripes on navy
Silk blend in banana cream