What is Accouters?

"Accouters - from the verb to accoutre (orig. mid-16th century French accoutrer) to clothe or equip, typically in something noticeable or impressive."


Our 1,500 square foot educational facility is designed for a wide array of sewing, knitting, garment construction and other fiber arts programs held by local and national educators. The facility is also available to outside groups for their own activities.


with Janet Dapson


2-day Fashion Fitting the Lower Body: Pant Fit & Sew

April 18-19, 2015

2-Day Workshop: $350


You will learn to buy the right size, tissue-fit a Palmer/Pletsch pant, alter the tissue to fit you, cut and pin-fit the fabric. You will learn how different fabrics affect fit. You will learn to sew fly front and invisible zippers, and make a non-roll waistband or a sew-on elastic waistband.



Learn to Sew Jackets

May 1-5, 2015

5-Day Jacket Workshop: $795


Prerequisite is Fit. We will cover the different tailoring methods, interfacings, and the parts of a jacket. You will select a good fabric and a pattern from our preselected patterns for different skill levels; we will guide your choice. If you have never sewn a jacket, choose one with fewer details to sew. At a minimum you will learn cutting and marking accuracy, interfacings and proper fusing, fit, shoulder and chest shaping, shaped darts, careful trimming and quality pressing, sleeve heads, bound buttonholes, patch pockets, linings, and perfect hems.



2-day Fashion Fitting the Upper Body; Blouse Fit

August 15-16, 2015

2-Day Workshop: $350


You will learn to buy the right size pattern, tissue-fit a Palmer/Pletsch fashion blouse, alter the tissue to fit you, cut and pin-fit the fabric. You will learn about the importance of fusible interfacing on the facings and how to use them. You will each bring your own fabric and learn how different fabrics affect fit.



Pant Fit & Sewing

September 18-21, 2015

4-Day Workshops: $695


We will analyze your body and determine your size. We will fit you in tissue and show you how to alter it for your figure. You will then cut it out in fabric and pin the pants together. Then, we will fine tune the fit in fabric. We’ll show you how to sew a variety of details including pockets, pleats, zippers, and waistbands. We include the latest Palmer/Pletsch basic pant-fit pattern.



Palmer/Pletsch Teacher Certification Program

Teacher training will be offered the day after Fit and Pant Fit workshops. However, when less than 3 are registered for training, we will instead offer it as a home-study program. Click here for more details.


Join with sewing friends in the fabulous Accouters fiber arts venue located at Fabrications. Registration is limited for all workshops. Sign up early!

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Traveling from out of town to attend class? Here are places to stay.
Comfort Inn - Plainwell, MI
Comfort Inn - Kalamazoo, MI