Fabrications is proud to join the family of Palmer/Pletsch sewing centers. Palmer/Pletsch has become known for its expertise in teaching people to fit, as evidenced by the success of their sewing workshops in Portland, Oregon.

A variety of 2-day and 4-day Fit and Pant Fit classes are held here in Richland. For class information see the Events at Accouters and Click here for a Fabrications brochure.

Click here to visit the Palmer/Pletsch Michigan satellite web page for details and to register. All registrations are handled through Palmer/Pletsch.




Draft seam allowances with ease

Use these curved rulers to mark 5/8ths inch seam allowances on your patterns. So easy, so accurate! Available in 2 sizes: the small one is ideal for armhole & neckline curves, the larger ruler for hip curves. Both are marked in inches. You can even use the rulers for smaller seam allowances.

For more information, see 5/8ths SA Curve PD Ruler (Seam Allowance Pattern Drafter Ruler).



New Silks

Variegated silk douppioni

Many douppioni fabrics are made with weft threads of one color and warp threads of a second color. This gives them an irredescence or shimmery effect that really enhances the appeal of a garment. We now have acquired even more spectacular examples that use one color in the warp and two colors in the weft. This creates a variegated appearance that is stunning and unique. Below are 6 examples showing (from upper left to lower right): a) yellow-brown & black weft on orange warp; b) silver & navy weft on charcoal warp; c) coral red & white weft on cream warp; d) dark & light blue weft on black warp; e) black & silver weft on copper warp; f) purple & black weft on black warp. See these and other silk douppioni here.



Something new for Fabrications: canvas for totes, cushion covers and other decorative projects. The black swatch is 100% cotton canvas and the rest are 100% polyester, all shown on our Specialty Fabrics page.

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Cleaning out our stash - new fabrics added!!!


We carry natural fiber yarns, available only in our store!
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